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After more then 20 years of international work experience Marleen Inia is fascinated by all various kinds of social structures and cultures. She has developed a deep empathetic and analytical connection with her surroundings. This results in a true understanding of the clients and the assignments they entrust to her as an Architect, Interior Designer & Artist in INIA.

Architecture and Interior design should facilitate spaces that bring out the best in people. Conditions to achieve that are people feeling secured and involved in the structure and culture they live in. Their needs, passions and aspirations should be acknowledged, respected and encouraged by our design.

With these experiences and believes in mind, each project undertaken by INIA is approached with perfection and great care. The results are well-defined, elegant and bright spaces, regardless its nature or budget. Personal, unique and user-friendly.

INIA has experience in a wide range of projects: From the renovation and restoration of existing buildings to the realization of new real estate projects, the design of entire apartments or partly the refurbishment of bathrooms and kitchens, not forgetting the construction of office buildings, shops and schools. Each project is given full-dedicated attention and a personal approach.

For INIA Architecture and Interior Design go hand in hand. Interior design is an essential component of a building and a determining factor in the experience of the users. It contributes to the functionality and spatial quality of a building to a large degree, as well as to the well-being of its users

In recent years INIA has added Art to her skills. Having a different scale compared to Architecture and Interior Design, it is a fantastic medium to share the beauties, difficulties and differences of the various cultures in the world. Art can make statements, can bring other thoughts in people, inspire people, or just let people enjoy!

History of INIA in retrospect

INIA has chosen to be Singapore as her base settlement, with an annex in France. Looking for lots of new opportunities and new collaboration in Architecture, Interior Design and Art in the center of Asia!

Back in Europe, residing in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, INIA focused on residential projects, like a renovation and extension of a chalet in the mountains, extensions of houses, restoration of monuments. Marleen Inia herself followed courses at the Beaux Arts of Paris, to feed herpassionon art-making.

Based in Pointe Noire, Congo Brazzaville, INIA realized many architecture and interior design projects: Both philantropic assignments (a school for deaf children, a covered market) and commercial projects (residential buildings, shops, offices, industrial sites). The challenge in Congo was to cooperate as much as possible with local workers, to develop working methods together, always focusing on details, style and quality.

Marleen Inia worked with the architecture firm Espace Création while living on the island of Réunion; in particular she worked on the construction of primary, middle and high schools. She alsohad the pleasure of teaching second year students from the architecture department in the satellite school of the Ecole National Supérieure de Montpellier (ENSAM).

Marleen Inia worked as a freelancerwhile based in Singapore, most notablyon projects managed by the architecture firm SCDA, MINKTAN, and JPA Architects.

Whilst residing in Papua New Guinea INIA worked on various architecture and interior design projects. Main focus was a private house on a plot of land in New Zealand, in collaboration with local engineers.

Marleen Inia worked as a designer and project manager at Merkx+Girod, an architecture and interior design office in Amsterdam. The office is well known for attention to every single detail of the building and process. Specialized in different kind of projects like retail, museums, concert halls, offices and houses.


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