Please note that  only projects are shown which are directed and constructed by INIA. Besides this Marleen Inia worked, and is still working, for several other firms as a freelancer. Please send a message to for a complete overview of projects worked on.  



– Marleen Inia worked for my architecture firm at Reunion Island from 2006-2009. At the same time she taught architecture at the Reunion branche of the Montpellier University where I am director. Marleen does her work with a lot of attention, knowledge and dedication, it is a pleasure to work with for both collegues, students and clients. Pushing boundaries, thinking out of the box, still practical, she thrives projects till the very best –
Pierre Rosier, architect Ile de la Reunion

–  Marleen Inia has brought her global view of culture and craft together in her work, making refined pieces of art that fuse her experience in bolt refined work –
Camiel Weijenberg, founder of

– Her artworks are powerful, yet sensitive. She  is just…. talented –
Private client, AAF, Singapore

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